Research and Technology

Scandion Oncology’s technology is dedicated to developing new cancer treatments that will overcome chemotherapy resistance for thousands of patients.

Scandion Oncology has two major assets under development, SCO-101 and SCO-201, and more than 800 analogues for the future. The target indications for the analogues are solid tumors.

In addition, Scandion Oncology has access to a screening platform of drug resistant cancer cells. This platform screens for the ability of analogues to restore drug sensitivity.


Our most advanced asset, SCO-101, is a first-in-class oral compound that is currently in clinical Phase Ib and Phase II studies in cancer patients.

SCO-101 has previously shown a favourable safety profile in Phase I trials in healthy volunteers.

The target indications are metastatic colorectal cancer and inoperable or metastatic pancreatic cancer, with more indications likely to follow.

SCO-101 is protected by a broad patent estate owned by Scandion Oncology.


Our second asset, SCO-201, is an oral compound designed to reverse drug resistance by inhibition of an efflux pump.

The target indications will be within solid tumors.

SCO-201 is protected by a broad patent estate held by Scandion Oncology.