Overcoming chemotherapy resistance

Our goal at Scandion Oncology is to develop drugs that specifically target chemotherapy resistance mechanisms. Improving the outcome and quality of life for cancer patients is our mission.

Drug resistance is one of the most significant challenges for successful medical treatment in oncology. Right now, half of all cancer patients fail chemotherapy.

Although many cancer patients initially benefit from chemotherapy, a large proportion develop resistance against chemotherapy drugs. Few of these patients survive.

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10. Nov 20

InvestorUgen hos Dansk Aktionærforening

Bo Rode Hansen presented at InvestorUgen at Dansk Aktionærforening
20. Nov 20

Scandion Oncology webcast

Scandion Oncology presented highlights from Q3, 2020
24. Nov 20

Aktieportfölje Live

Bo Rode Hansen has presented at Aktieportföljen Live.  
25. Nov 20

Life Science Investor Konference

Company update by CEO Bo Rode Hansen.
02. Dec 20

BioStock Live med Scandion Oncology

BioStock Studio: Scandion Oncology outlines vision to fight cancer drug resistance
02. Dec 20

Nordnet Live

Scandion Oncology presentation by CEO Bo Rode Hansen
07. Dec 20

Ophelia Invest Talks

Bliv klogere på biotek branchen og særligt på biotekselskabet Scandion Oncology.
08. Dec 20

MVA Oncology Network

Jan Stenvang presented at MVA Oncology Network Meeting. See presentation.
09. Dec 20

San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

Jan Stenvang presented a poster.
11. Jan 21

Biotech Showcase. Jan 11-15, 2021

Meet President & CEO, Bo Rode Hansen, at Biotech Showcase
10. Feb 21

Swiss Nordic Bio

Meet President & CEO, Bo Rode Hansen, at Swiss Nordic.
19. Feb 21

Live webcast

Invitation to Scandion Oncology A/S live webcast on February 19, 2021
21. Apr 21

Bo Rode Hansen at Økonomisk Ugebrev

Watch President & CEO Bo Rode Hansen’s presentation at Økonomisk Ugebrev.
11. May 21

Nordnet / Proinvestor / HC Andersen Capital Biotech Event

Scandion Oncology presented on May 11, 2021.
20. May 21

Q1 Interim Report

Scandion Oncology hosted an audiocast on May 20, 2021.
02. Jun 21

Redeye Growth Day 2021

Scandion Oncology presented on June 2, 2021.
10-18. Jun 21

BIO Digital

Meet Scandion Oncology A/S at BIO Digital, June 10-11 & 14-18, 2021.
24. Jun 21


Watch the presentation of the interim results from the CORIST Phase II study, presented on June 24, 2021.
29. Jun 21

Interview by Redeye with our CEO, Bo Rode Hansen

Watch the video here and learn about the recently released CORIST results and more
19. Aug 21

Half-year Report Webcast and Conference Call

Watch Scandion Oncology's executive management webcast and conference call
06-08. Sep 21

BACR Conference on Response and Resistance in Cancer Therapy

Postdoc Anamarija Pfeiffer will do a live oral presentation.

07-08. Sep 21

LSX Nordic Congress

Meet Scandion Oncology on September 7 – 8

08. Sep 21
Scandion Oncology is on Nasdaq

Capital Markets Day

Save the date for the Scandion Oncology Capital Markets Day on September 8, 2021.
27. Sep 21

Investor call

The Company will host a call on September 27 at 3 pm to elaborate on the EGM proposals
07-10. Oct 21

AACR-NCI-EORTC Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics

CTO Jan Stenvang presented a virtual poster
07. Oct 21

Vator Securities Healthcare Innovation Summit

Meet Scandion Oncology at Vator Securities Healthcare Innovation Summit

25-28. Oct 21

BIO-Europe Digital

Meet Scandion Oncology at BIO-Europe Digital, October 25-28, 2021
08-10. Nov 21

Cell Symposium: Overcoming Therapy Resistance in Cancer

CTO Jan Stenvang will present a poster
18. Nov 21

Q3 Interim Report investor call

Scandion Oncology hosted an audiocast on November 18, 2021 at 10 am CET
18. Nov 21

Dansk Aktionærforening – Investor week

Watch President & CEO Bo Rode Hansen’s presentation from InvestorUgen 2021
24. Nov 21

ØU Life Science Investor Conference

Watch President & CEO Bo Rode Hansen’s presentation from the ØU Life Science Investor Conference (in Danish)
10-12. Jan 22

Biotech Showcase

Meet Scandion Oncology at Biotech Showcase
20-22. Jan 22

ASCO Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium

Data from part 1 of the CORIST-trial to be presented
20. Jan 22

Redeye – Fight Cancer event

Meet Scandion Oncology at Redeye – Fight Cancer event
25-27. Jan 22

Edison Open House: Global Healthcare 2022

Meet Scandion Oncology at Edison Open House: Global Healthcare 2022
17. Feb 22

Year-end report 2021 Investor call

Scandion Oncology will host an audiocast on February 17, 2022 at 8:30 am
23. Mar 22

Swiss Nordic Bio 2022

Meet Scandion Oncology at Swiss Nordic Bio 2022

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Scandion Oncology has two promising compounds in the pipeline. SCO-101, our most advanced lead candidate, is in clinical Phase I and II studies and SCO-201 is in preclinical testing. We expect to deliver proof-of-concept with SCO-101 in 2022. Scandion Oncology is building a pipeline of drugs that can revert anti-cancer drug resistance through different mechanisms. The aim is to increasingly broaden the offering of medicines able to combat anti-cancer drug resistance. 

Clinical Trials

Our first-in-class lead compound SCO-101 has been shown to enhance the effect of certain standard chemotherapies when given in combination. Scandion Oncology has two programs in clinical development with SCO-101. The most advanced program, CORIST, for the treatment of drug resistant metastatic colorectal cancer is in clinical Phase II studies. The second program, PANTAX, for the treatment of inoperable or metastatic pancreatic cancer is in clinical Phase Ib studies.


Detailed analyses suggest the market for Scandion Oncology’s products to be more than EUR 4 billion annually.

We believe our programs could be attractive for various pharmaceutical companies to combine with their anti-cancer treatments.