Business development

Partnering is an important part of Scandion Oncology’s business and strategy, both in terms of out-licensing/creating partnerships around our own compounds and in-licensing of assets.

Partnerships are an important part of our overall strategy, as a way to support the clinical development of our compounds all the way through to approval and the market. This could be both global or regional out-licensing or co-development agreements, and commercialization partnerships.

We also pursue in-licensing of assets to help us grow organically and achieve our ambition to build a broader pipeline of new first-in-class medicines aimed at treating cancer which is resistant to current treatment options. 

In general, we seek collaboration with both academia, other biotech companies and pharmaceutical companies. We could also participate in joint ventures and co-develop assets as we seek to create alliances and collaborations that will strengthen us in our quest to revert cancer drug resistance and help the many patients who today don’t have access to effective treatment.

Contact: Francois R. Martelet, CEO
Cell: +45 23 69 07 84 (DK)
Cell: +46 73 252 5376 (SE)