27 April 2022

Scandion Oncology Announces Results of Annual General Meeting and Constitution of the Board of Directors

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The Annual General Meeting 2022 of Scandion Oncology A/S (the "Company") was held on 27 April 2022 at 4:00 p.m.

All proposals were adopted in accordance with the notice.

Immediately after the general meeting, the board of directors constituted itself with Martin Møller as chairman and Jørgen Bardenfleth as deputy chairman.

The full minutes of the annual general meeting are attached to this notice.

The agenda of the annual general meeting was as follows:

  1. Election of chairman of the meeting
  1. Report from the board of directors on the Company's activities in the past year
  1. Presentation of the audited annual report prepared in English for approval
  1. Proposal of notice of discharge to the board of directors and the executive board
  1. Decision on appropriation of profit or loss as recorded in the approved annual report
  1. Proposal to approve board fees for 2022
  1. Election of members of the board of directors
  1. Election of auditor
  1. Proposals resulting in changes to the Company's articles of association
     (a): Proposal to authorise the board of directors to issue warrants and carry out related                    capital increases(s)
     (b): Proposal to introduce English as corporate language etc.
     (c): Proposal for other amendments to the Company's articles of association
  1.  Any other business

For further information, please contact:

Mads Kronborg, Head of External Communication

Phone: +45 6051 4955


The information was provided by the contact person above for publication on 27 April 2022 at 18.00 CET.

Scandion Oncology A/S, the Cancer Drug Resistance Company, is a clinical phase II biotechnology company currently developing first-in-class, oral add-on drugs to existing market leading anti-cancer therapies. As add-on to standard anti-cancer therapies, it introduces an effective treatment approach for cancer, which is or has become resistant to cancer-fighting drugs, offering the potential for better response rates, longer survival and improved quality of life. The first-in-class lead candidate, SCO-101, is currently in clinical phase II. The Company is targeting cancer drug resistance in various treatment modalities including chemotherapy, anti-hormonal therapy and immunotherapy. Scandion Oncology is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Sweden. Ticker: SCOL.

Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance is the Company's certified advisor on Nasdaq First North Growth Market and can be reached at or +46 (0) 40 200 250.

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