Scandion Oncology will present on the Nordic Rise Launch Party

#Scandion Oncology will join the Launch Party of Nordic Rise on Thursday 26. Of September in Copenhagen. From Scandion Oncology we will be four persons: Carit Jaques Andersen (CFO), Peter Michael Vestlev (CMO), Nicklas Lindland Roes (CRO) and Jan Stenvang (CSO).

There will also be 5 other companies to present. Spotlight Stock Market and Per Hansen will give talks about invetsments. There will be plenty of possibilities to network and discuss with the companies.

It is free to join and there will be free food and drinks.

It is expected that there will be around 150 participants.

Read more here and sign up:




Teglholmsgade 27
2450 København


17:00: Døre åbner: Networking/mad/drinks
17:30: Velkommen og gennemgang af sitet ved Sarah Ophelia Møss & Katrine Hoff fra Spotlight Stock Market
17:45: Oplæg v/Per Hansen
18:10: Lær Stenocare at kende (interaktivt oplæg)
18:35: Lær Seluxit at kende (interaktivt oplæg)
19:00: Networking/mad/drinks
19:15: Lær Freetrailer at kende (Mille Skjold Madsen fra Funny Finans interviewer)
19:35: Lær Scandion Oncology at kende (Frederikke Antoine Schmidt fra Roccamore Shoes interviewer)
19:55: Lær Agillic at kende (Frederikke Antoine Schmidt fra Roccamore Shoes interviewer)
20:15: Q&A på scenen med alle selskaber v/Sarah Ophelia Møss
20:45: Networking/mad/drinks
21:15: Vi lukker og slukker

Risk Intelligence vil også være tilstede hele aftenen.