Unit Rights for shareholders

Dear Investor and current shareholder in Scandion Oncology,

As a reminder we would like to highlight that you as current shareholder (record date June14, 2019) will have received unit rights in your Bank depot. As the subscription period (20th of June – 9th of July) is running we urge you to take a decision to either

1. Exercise your units rights. Simply instruct your bank to buy units based on the unit rights in you bank depot (for every 5 unit rights you can buy 1 unit for 12,30 SEK. 1 unit consist of 3 shares and 1 warrant i.e. price per new share is 4,10 SEK)
2. Sell your unit rights no later than the 5th of July 2019. Simply instruct your bank to sell the units rights

You are welcome to contact either our Financial Advisor Sedermera Fondkommission or us at Scandion Oncology directly if you have any questions.

Sedermera Fondkommission:
• Johan Jönsson, Associate – Corporate Finance, Sedermera Fondkommission
• E-mail: johan.jonsson@sedermera.se
• Phone: +46 720 50 54 93

Scandion Oncology
• Carit Jacques Andersen, CFO
• E-mail: cja@scandiononcology.com
• Mobile: +45 23 230 970