Scandion Oncology appoints Chairman and Vice-Chairman of its Board of Directors

Scandion Oncology A/S (“Scandion Oncology”) hereby announces that Jørgen Bardenfleth will continue as Chairman of the Board and Peter Høngaard Andersen will take over the position as Vice-Chairman of the Board.

CEO of Scandion Oncology, Nils Brünner:

“I am delighted that Jørgen Bardenfleth has accepted to continue as Chairman of the Board”.

Our new Board member, Dr. Peter Høngaard Andersen has accepted to take over the position as Vice-Chairman of the Board. With Peters many years of experience from pharma and biotech and his recent position as Managing Director of Innovation Fund Denmark, we foresee that the Board will be an even larger asset with regards to future development and added focus on business development of Scandion Oncology.

We are also very pleased that all other Board members, Thomas Feldthus, Carl Borrebäck and Christian Vinding Thomsen, have accepted to continue.

About Peter Høngaard Andersen

Scandion Oncology is very pleased that Peter Høngaard Andersen has accepted to be a member of Scandion Oncology Board of Directors. Peter is one of the most experienced Danes within Pharma, biotech and business development. Not only has he been involved in the upstart of several biotech companies, but he has also secured very valuable exits for the share owners (e.g. Prexton Therapeutics). Until recently he was Managing Director of Innovation Fund Denmark, the largest public fund in Denmark, targeting all industries and research areas and the complete value chain from basic research to market.

Moreover, he has solid experience as Chair for Boards of biotech companies, a strong scientific background, deep insight and hands on experience in Public Private Partnerships in EU, US and DK, year-long experience in collaborations with biotech and academia, and a successful career in life science within R&D, IP, litigation, public affairs strategic development, business development and mergers and acquisitions

Peter will be a very important addition to the Scandion Oncology Board in bringing the company to the next level.  

For further information regarding Scandion Oncology, please contact:

Nils Brünner, CEO

Phone: +45 26 14 47 08


About Scandion Oncology:

Scandion Oncology A/S is a biotechnology company founded in 2017 for the purpose of addressing and tackling one of the greatest challenges in modern oncology – the effective treatment of cancer which contains drug resistant cell clones or which has developed resistance to a previously prescribed cancer-fighting drug. In preclinical animal studies, the company’s leading candidate drug, SCO-101, has been found to significantly enhance the efficacy of certain standard cancer treatments when given in combination. It has been shown in in vitro-studies that SCO-101 restores chemotherapy sensitivity in resistant cells. SCO-101 is now ready for clinical phase II studies in patients with metastatic and drug resistant cancer. Scandion Oncology (ticker: SCOL) was listed on Spotlight, Sweden in November 2018.