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Our Clinical Pipeline

Scandion Oncology has two programs in clinical development with our first-in-class lead compound SCO-101. The most advanced program, CORIST, for the treatment of drug resistant metastatic colorectal cancer is in clinical Phase II studies. The second program, PANTAX, for the treatment of unresectable or metastatic pancreatic cancer is in clinical Phase Ib studies.

Scandion Oncology is working on a strategy for the development of predictive biomarkers in conjunction with the ongoing CORIST and PANTAX studies, to enable a personalized medicine approach for the treatment with SCO-101.

Colorectal cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Colorectal and Pancreatic cancer

Our Preclinical Pipeline

Scandion Oncology is building a preclinical pipeline of drugs that can revert anti-cancer drug resistance through different mechanisms, to increasingly broaden the offering of medicines able to combat additional kinds of anti-cancer drug resistance. The pipeline section is representing the primary focus of Scandion Oncology’s preclinical activities, according to our strategy.t with SCO-101.

Multiple cancers
Solid tumors