Nils Brünner

Member of the Board of Directors since October 2022

Education: MD, DMSC, University of Copenhagen. Additional education in molecular cell biology, National Cancer Institute, NIH, USA.

Background: Has worked for 15 years in Oncology and Internal Medicine at hospitals in Copenhagen. Has worked in USA, at the National Cancer Institute, NIH and at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

Co-founder of Oncology Venture and Scandion Oncology. Published more than 370 scientific papers in peer-reviewed international Journals.

Nils Brünner has been Associate Professor at Rigshospitalet and Professor at the University of Copenhagen. He was Chairman for Translational Cancer Research at European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) and has headed Sino Danish Breast Cancer Center as well as the Unit for Translational Cancer Research at the Danish Cancer Society.

From 2018-2020 he was CEO of Scandion Oncology and CSO here from 2020-2021.

Other ongoing assignments: BoD member of 2CureX, Gibson Oncology and GeneTelligence.

Independence: Independent in relation to both the Company and Executive Management as well as larger shareholders.

Scandion Oncology shares and warrants: