Alfredo Zurlo

Chief Medical Officer

Education: MD with specialization in Oncology and Radiation Therapy

Background: Alfredo is a senior pharma and biotech medical executive with more than 20 years’ experience in clinical development and medical affairs. After leaving his academic roles at the Italian University in 1999, Alfredo worked as medical advisor at the EORTC Data Center in Brussels. In 2003, he joined Roche in Basel as medical director in charge of the launch of bevacizumab (Avastin) in Europe and rest of the world for the colorectal cancer indication. Having held several senior positions at the Basel headquarter and the French affiliate over the course of the years, Alfredo left Roche and started consulting in 2011 for several pharma and biotech clients, until he became the CMO of Mologen AG in 2013, and later of Glycotope GmbH in 2016.

Other ongoing assignments: Scientific advisor to Glycotope GmbH and Attivare Therapeutics

Scandion Oncology shares and warrants:
482.033 warrants.

Year of commencement of the position: 2022

Independence: Independent in relation to both the Company and larger shareholders