Scandion Oncology has a strong patent portfolio lasting until 2037.

We believe our patents are attractive for larger pharmaceutical companies to combine with their existing cancer treatments.

We have taken steps to secure our patents:

Our patent application PCT/EP2017/061823 concerns the use of SCO-101 in combination with an anti-cancer agent for the treatment of a range of cancers.

Examples of specific combination treatments covered by PCT/EP2017/061823 include

  • SCO-101 + topoisomerase inhibitor + colorectal cancer
  • SCO-101 + Taxanes + breast cancer (US)

Patents derived from PCT/EP2017/061823 will expire on 17 May 2037.

Our patent application PCT/EP2016/053843 covers SCO-201 and a large group of 4-amino-3-arylamino-6-arylpyrazolo (3,4-d)pyrimidine derivates.

It was filed on 24 February 2016 claiming priority from EP15157648.5.

The European patent was granted in 2017 as EP3064207.

Patents derived from EP15157658.5 and PCT/EP2016/053843 will expire in 2035/2036.


Patent agency

Janni Wandahl Pedersen

European Patent Attorney, CDPA
PhD (Molecular Cell Biology),
MSc (Human Biology)