In Scandion Oncology we are diligently expanding and strengthening our portfolio of intellectual property rights providing valuable long term commercial exclusivities in relevant countries.

The Scandion Oncology patent portfolio currently includes the following publicly accessible patent families:

Treating cancers with SCO-101 in combination with anti-cancer agents (PCT/EP2017/061823)

Applications pending in: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe (divisional), India, Japan, USA (divisional)

Patents granted in:
Europe (EP3458052B – SCO-101 and topoisomerase I inhibitors)
Europe (EP3622953B – SCO-101 and anti-oestrogens and/or anti-progestogens) – also extended to Hong Kong
USA (US11,103,481 – SCO-101 and any anti-cancer agent against a range of cancers resistant to the anti-cancer agent)

Expected expiry in:
2037 (2038 for US11,103,481)

Treating diseases characterized by elevated expression and/or activity of SRPK1 with SCO-101 (PCT/EP2019/073796)

Applications pending in: Europe and USA

Expected expiry in:

SCO-201 and related compounds and therapeutic uses thereof (PCT/DE2007/001104)

Applications pending in: Brazil 

Patents granted in:
Australia (AU2007262524)
Canada (CA2,655,754)
Europe (EP2049540)
Japan (JP5171815)
USA (US8,962,634)

Expected expiry in:

SCO-201 and analogues (PCT/EP2012/070403)

Applications pending in: Europe 

Patents granted in:
Australia (AU2012322750)
Brazil (BR1120140088152)
Canada (CA 2,850,439)
Japan (JP 6071012)
USA (US9,790,225)

Expected expiry in:

Use of SCO-201 for treating HIV and cancer (PCT/EP2016/053843)

Applications pending in: Brazil 

Patents granted in:
Europe (EP3064207)
Japan (JP6737443)
USA (US10,975,079)
Australia (AU2016227883)

Expected expiry in:

Scandion Oncology also owns unpublished patent applications pending or in preparation and the patent list will continuously be updated with new patent families as they become publicly available.