Business idea

Scandion Oncology has a unique aim: to develop drugs that specifically target molecular drug resistance mechanisms in cancer cells. Our mission is to improve the outcome and quality of life for cancer patients with chemotherapy-resistant disease.

Many cancer patients initially benefit from chemotherapy treatment, but a large proportion will develop resistance against the chemotherapy used. Few of these patients survive.

Our ambition is to deliver a solid proof-of-concept with our first-in-class lead compound SCO-101. SCO-101 is currently in clinical Phase II studies in patients with chemotherapy-resistant metastatic colorectal cancer and in clinical Phase Ib studies in patients with inoperable or metastatic pancreatic cancer.

Our second pipeline compound, SCO-201, will be advanced through preclinical studies and we aim to build the pipeline with additional compounds targeting anti-cancer drug resistance in order to become the cancer drug resistance company.