Board of Directors

Jørgen Bardenfleth

Chairman of the Board, Scandion Oncology.
Chairman of the Board, Lyngsoe Systems, Dubex and Symbion.
Boardmember in EG, Accelerace, Prodata Consult, BLOXHUB (vice chair), et al.
Steering Committee Chairman in Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster and Innofounder.

Carl Borrebäck

D.Sc, PhD.
Professor Lund University.
Co-founder of Immnovia AB, Senzagen AB, BioInvent International AB, Alligator BioScience AB.

Christian Vinding Thomsen

Partner, Bech-Bruun Law Firm.
Life Science specialist (M&A and regulatory).
Professional board member.

Thomas Feldthus

vVD, CFO and co-founder of Saniona (M.Sc., MBA).
CEO of Fertilizer Invest ApS.
Previously, CFO and co-founder of Symphogen A/S.


Peter Høngaard Andersen

Vice-Chairman of the Board, Scandion Oncology.

Holds a degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry and medicine.
Extensive drug discovery and development experience from Novo Nordisk and Lundbeck latest as EVP and Head of Research and corporate patents.
Founder of Innovation Fund Denmark and Managing Director until May 2019 and chairing Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) from 2009 – 2014.
Co-founder of e.g. Acadia Pharmaceuticals, Zealand Pharma, Glycom, Epitherapeutics, Prexton Therapeutics.


Scandion Oncology has two promising compounds in the pipeline, including SCO-101, which has completed four Phase I trials, and SCO-201, which is in preclinical testing stages. We aim to conclude one Phase II trial within the next 2 years. Upon conclusion of the Phase II trial, we will be ready to consider exit or partner options.

Clinical Trials

Our lead compound – SCO-101 – has been shown to enhance the effect of certain standard chemotherapy when given in combination. We are planning one Phase II trial within metastatic breast cancer. We are simultaneously developing SCO-201, which will target other solid tumors.


Detailed analyses suggests the market for Scandion Oncology’s products to be more than EUR 4 billion annually. We believe our patents could be attractive for larger pharmaceutical companies to combine with their existing cancer treatments.